Welcome to Galera. The information set out in this section is to hopefully give you, the visitor, an idea of the places to see, restaurants to eat in and things do in and around Galera and the surrounding countryside. It was inspired by the many people that come to visit this area for holidays or in search of a property. As with many areas, all the best places are not necessarily signposted so this guide will hopefully help.


The region covering Baza and Huescar is known as The Altiplano. This contrasting district, set in the north west of the province of Granada, sits at over 800 metres above sea level. Its central area, with some impressive desert landscapes, is hemmed in by a ring of mountain ranges. This is where you will find Galera. Galera is situated in a green valley formed by two rivers that wind their way between the hills of a moon-like landscape. Witin these hills lie the remains of ancient civilizations (Argaric sites and the Ibero-Roman necropolis of Tutugi). Due to its verdant nature the village has become known as "The Oasis of the High Plateau"


Galera is first and foremost a farming community, followed closely as a rural tourist attraction, well known in Spain but undiscovered by the rest of Europe. Recently with the rise in popularity of modern cave homes, the construction industry has boomed.

Archaeological digs have shown that it was populated more than a million years ago. The Altiplano has a wealth of remains of prehistoric cultures. The Iberian Bastetano people, founders of the city of Basti (the origin of modern Baza), one of the oldest in the Iberian peninsula, settled here in the 6th century BC. The Lady of Baza, chief among Iberian remains, was also found here.
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